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My first entry in my 100 things challenge! :D

I will be focusing on Favorite Fandom Characters. They will be in no real order, but I will try to go by shows. So right now I am doing OTH characters and will continue to do that until all my Favorite OTH characters are done, but I may forget one and do it later so forgive me. :P Anyway, onward! 

Character: Julian Baker
Actor: Austin Nichols
Fandom: One Tree Hill

So I recently finished OTH and was introduced to this fantastic character. I can't say that it was love at first site, cause it wasn't. He was hot. Don't misunderstand. At first his character comes off as a villain. He is Luke's rival and Peyton's ex, so we are all supposed to hate him. He comes off as this arrogant, cocky jerk almost. However, the more I saw his character and got to know him. The more I loved him. 

He is actually a really really really nice guy. He is the white night to all the damsels who need saving. He tried looking for Sam when she went missing and rushed to her and Brooke's rescue when they were being held by Xavier. He rushed to save Brooke and Jamie from drowning (in 8.11 Darkness on the Edge of Town which is probably one of my favorite episodes now), saved Alex when she tried to kill herself, saved Nathan who was being held hostage. He is just a hero and is extremely selfless.  

On top of that he is a romantic and a really big nerd, which I can relate to a lot and probably why I love him the most. Even though he is incredibly attractive now he described himself as being a nerd in high school that could never get a girl to save his life. He was a loner, no friends, and lived his life through watching movies and dreamed of being behind the scenes. I can not tell you how much of me this is, especially while in high school. Throughout the show he will continually randomly quote movies and display his knowledge from movies using trivia. 

He is basically a big dork and I love him for it. Plus, his smile makes my heart flutter and makes me giggle like a little girl. Like every time. :) 

Brooke/Julian Vid - Crawl

click for bigger)
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