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So seeing that New Moon opens tomorrow I probably wont be on until after I see it to avoid spoilers. :D

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This is my movie review of Twilight. I will not give away anything major, I will mostly just be comparing the book and movie - characters and parts they left out - and my likes/dislikes, what I thought of it. 

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Also you can check out my pre-show post. its very non-spoiler and just talks about the movie experience in generel. Like how the rest of the auidence was extremely well behaved.
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Just got back from watching Twilight!!! Squee!! It was awesome. I will say, that if you dont read the book, the movie will suck for you. Okay, maybe not suck, but it definately wont be as good. There are certain parts you wont get.  And there is a lot that they left out, but I will get more in depth w/ that tomorrow, or later tonight, probably tomorrow though.

When we first got there, I was afraid that the tickets I got were fake. When we first got there, there was this huge line and when I won it said since I had VIP tickets, I didnt have to stand in line, so we went to get dinner in food court and when we came back, the line was longer and I got more nervous, but we went up to ask and get in and they said we did have to wait in line which sucked, but actually went pretty fast, which was good. And when we got up to the person checking names against the list, my name wasnt on her list, and I panicked. I got so scared, but then another guy grapped my email, which was my prove of winning, and I saw my name through the paper on his list and nearly shouted "Oh, this is my name right here." So much relief filled my heart. But the feeling I got after that was even better when he said to me, "Oh, your the big winner!" (So apparently when we talked to those people before we got in line, we talked to the wrong person.) I literally laughed my ass off, and annoyed my sister because I kept announcing that all night. Lol. That made me happy, almost more than the movie did itself. Almost. And we had seats, which my sister thought were perfect, I would have picked somewhere else, but whatever. I did get to sit next to someone I listen to on the radio daily, so that was kinda cool. I was too shy to say anything of course. I am debating calling up there tomorrow and talk to him about it. He did say something to me though. He called me his "seat buddy" and asked that I not talk during the movie in a sarcastic funny way about what scenes were coming up. We laughed. :P I soooo want to see it again already.

BTW, I found out my sister is Team Jacob. She claims to be Team Switzerland, but once she saw Jacob on the screen, I knew that was a lie. He was pretty sexy though. Ok, extremely sexy!!

My sister got the pleasure of sitting next to someone, a radio person, who didnt read the book and because they did leave some stuff out, there were little jokes in the movie that you probably wouldnt get unless you read the book, that everyone in the audience laughed at and he didnt get. Lol

Edit: All the audience members were extremely well. I was amazed and super glad. They didnt yell or scream, everyone did let out a big gasp when the Cullens appared on screen for the first time, but that was it. It was really cool.
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