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With the exception of my earliest entries and my graphics, my journal has switched to a friends-only journal. If you want to add my, Id be more then thrilled, but please comment first and introduce yourself if I dont already know you. I kinda think its a little rude if you dont and just because you add me, doesnt me I'll add you. Hopefully Im not coming off too mean, thats not what I want I just want to make myself clear. So please, comment :D


May. 15th, 2013 01:15 am
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Join [profile] womenverse, a land comm dedicated to women in fandom. Apply for a team here and tell them I sent you!
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Genderswap Recast for [community profile] thefandomzoo 
Shows include: Gilmore Girls, Nikita, Supernatural

recasts )
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my entry for:
Congrats On Your Face @ [community profile] thefandomzoo
15 actors/actresses; 30 images

the faces )

So I got to play around and get familiar with blending in gimp. What do you think? I think I did ok, some better then others. :P
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 Recast characters: 
Richard, Kahlan, Chase, Nicci, Warren

Actors used (not in order of above):
Eoin Macken, Sophie Bush, Kristen Bell, Tom Hopper, Wes Ramsey 

Here @ My Journal

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The Show:
Emma Swan gets the surprise of her life when Henry, the son she gave up 10 years ago, arrives on her doorstep. Returning the boy to his adoptive mother becomes complicated when Henry reveals a stunning theory to Emma. Everyone in Storybrooke, Maine is a fairytale character under a curse, and Emma - as the long lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming - is the one who can save them all. The story unfolds; interweaving scenes of the drama in the sleepy New England town and the inhabitants' past lives in the world of fairy tales. The timeless battle of good vs evil is ready to begin again

The Cast:
  • Ginnifer Goodwin 
  • Jennifer Morrison
  • Lana Parrilla 
  • Josh Dallas 
  • Eion Bailey 
  • Jared S. Gilmore
  • Raphael Sbarge
  • Jamie Dornan 
  • Robert Carlyle 
Why you should watch:
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The Show:
Harper's Island was a horror thriller/mystery mini-series created by Ari Schlossberg for CBS's 2008–2009 television season. The seriespremiered on April 9, 2009, at 10:00 pm ET/PT. Harper's Island had only one season with 13 episodes.[1] At least one character (or asmany as five) were killed off during each episode.

The show takes place on Harper's Island, where John Wakefield went on a killing spree and murdered a number of people beforesupposedly being killed by the island sheriff, Charlie Mills. One of the victims was the sheriff's wife. After her death, Sheriff Mills sends theirdaughter, Abby, to live with family in LA and she hasn't returned since. After 7 years, Abby is finally returning to the island for her best friendHenry's wedding but now the killing starts again and everyone is a suspect. The guests manage to unlock secrets of the island and ofWakefield as the series progresses.

  • Elaine Cassidy as Abby Mills,
  • Christopher Gorham as Henry Dunn,
  • Katie Cassidy as Patricia 'Trish' Wellington, 
  • Cameron Richardson as Chloe Carter,
  • Adam Campbell as Cal Vandeusen, 
  • C.J. Thomason as Jimmy Mance,
  • Jim Beaver as Sheriff Charlie Mills,

Why you should watch:
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Here @ My LJ
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Character: Brooke Davis
Actress: Sophia Bush
Fandom: Show - One Tree Hill
Reasoning: She has such a complex character and develops and matures so much over the series. Her character so through so much pain and heart ache. Despite everything she goes through, she is probably the most kind and forgiving person on the show.  

  • She forgave Peyton (her BFF) more then once for having an affair with her boyfriend.
  • Her parents neglected her for pretty much her entire childhood and yet she was able to forgive them and develop a relationship with them by the end of the series.
  • She was attacked and beaten and yet she was able to move on and face her attacker multiple times.

She is one of the strongest female characters that I have seen in Fandom in a long time. No matter what she holds her head high and pushes through the pain and never gives up. And she does it with so much grace and beauty.  

by [livejournal.com profile] sucksucksmile

by [livejournal.com profile] sucksucksmile

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My first entry in my 100 things challenge! :D

I will be focusing on Favorite Fandom Characters. They will be in no real order, but I will try to go by shows. So right now I am doing OTH characters and will continue to do that until all my Favorite OTH characters are done, but I may forget one and do it later so forgive me. :P Anyway, onward! 

Character: Julian Baker
Actor: Austin Nichols
Fandom: One Tree Hill

some spoilers for season 6-9 )

click for bigger)
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I will be doing Fandom Characters that I love. I've decided :D 
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Happy Birthday Sabaceanbabe!

Very Happy Birthday wishes to the fabulous and talented sabaceanbabe! All the best.


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